I was so impressed by Michelle’s ability to control a room of professionals
(often butting heads!) with such proficiency, ease and good humour,
I’d be delighted to work with her again.
— Cathryn Bishop

About us


Redshell Consulting is an independent company of cost, project and development managers. Established in 2013, we work closely with our clients to strategically deliver successful construction projects achieving maximum value in the realisation of their property portfolios.

If you own land or property, are a developer or an investor with a residential or commercial portfolio, we welcome the opportunity to partner with you.Together, we can overcome obstacles with inspiring solutions that challenge conventional wisdom while working towards the achievement of our shared goals.

We create value along every step of the journey as we deliver the most desirable outcomes with all your property assets.


We thrive on supporting our clients, going beyond providing cost and project results. We see our role as a trusted advisor, offering actionable insight, along with recognised best practice in how to organise finances and implement strategies that mitigate risk, which in turn make your construction projects more successful.


Whether it's a discrete new build or a stylish refurbishment, master planning of infrastructure and large-scale regeneration, the development of new towns, the methodology we apply at Redshell Consulting is always the same. From inception through to completion our sole focus is to ensure your development objectives are understood.


As an independent consultancy, Redshell is founded on a simple set of ethical values to deliver smart, efficient, agile results with honesty and integrity. We offer a broad portfolio of skills, supported by highly experienced, qualified construction consultants. When combined our collective industry knowledge accounts for decades of client engagements and expertise. Redshell operate a lean, collaborative business model with a focus on excellence and innovation.

It gives us the opportunity to combine complimentary services and in doing so, often results in increased productivity. It also means you benefit from receiving direct access to our specialists.This integrated team dynamic is ultimately the key to effective leadership and faciltates greater control throughout the development process.

What's Next?

Contact us to discuss your upcoming projects and construction needs.


About Michelle

A dynamic and progressive construction consultant with a broad business background spanning multiple sectors of the industry. Michelle possesses a high level of commercial acumen acquired over an accomplished 20-year career as a cost and project manager, working on some of the most prestigious buildings and developments in London.

In 2013 Michelle seized an opportunity to launch a bold, collaborative consultancy, furthering her long-held beliefs that while construction cost, project and development management can be independent functions, they can also be seamlessly aligned for the benefit of all. With an infectious personality and unwavering professionalism towards accomplishing her client's objectives, Michelle naturally inspires all those who work with her to do the same.